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SATURDAY 27 August
10:30 - 11:45



Global Antiwar and Peace Activities
From Baghdad to Amsterdam and London. From D.C. to Dallas, and Sydney, antiwar and peace activists like never before. Charlie Jackson, Founder of Texans for Peace and an organizer for events in D.C. and Texas, returns from the national (U.S.) Veterans for Peace conference and is in Sydney before returning on his third trip to Iraq at the end of September.
Charlie Jackson, Founder
Texans for Peace


What does Forbes want? Prepare to be shocked
Many of us have heard of Forbes. We know it's a business magazine for corporate executives and investors. We know it draws-up lists of the richest people in the world, the biggest companies in the world, the most famous celebrities. But what does it stand for? Forbes does not have a policy platform, but does push for policy change. What are these policies? This session reports on a research trawl through five years of Forbes Magazineand its stablemate Forbes Global.
James Goodman
Research Initiative on International Activism


The refugee rights campaign: where is it at?
The government is trying to empty the detention centres of asylum seekers in the hope that the embarrassing scandals that have beset DIMIA will go away. This workshop will look at the successes of the campaign, the currently policy framework, and priorities for the coming period.
Kris Munro & Rachel Engdahl
Refugee Action Coalition


Ways Forward for a World in Crisis
Panel members will each take 10 minutes to outline solutions which challenge the current operations of the world's financial and governance systems, and propose better ways for Australia's civil society NGOs to coordinate our activities (30 minutes). Workshop participants will then present their own proposals, question the panel and propose ongoing ways to take the ideas forward.
Economic Reform Australia (ERA)
Panel: Dr Shann Turnbull, Frances Milne, Richard Sanders


What is really going on in PNG
Recently returned from PNG, Morgana and Liisa will give you a different impression of what really goes on in PNG. The report back will be combined with a fascinating analysis of where the $15 billion in Australian aid has gone over the 30 years since PNG independence.
Liisa Rusanen, Morgana Jolin-Thomas and Tim O'Connor


Mutiny! - anti-war organising in Sydney
A reflection on actions taken by the autnomous anti-war collective Mutiny to oppose the corporate invasion of Iraq. Discussion about what people ae oding along this line in other cities and where to from here.
Dave M


Summer Camp for 2006?
Ever heard of the ruckus society action camps? Earthfirst summer camp? Highlander school? The CPA minto Bush camps? Think it's time for something to happen here? Bring ideas about what would be useful to you, what you would be willing to do to make it happen etc.
Summer Camp Crew

SATURDAY 27 August
12:00 - 1:15



After the London bombings,
which way forward for the global anti-war movement?

Chris Nineham is a leading figure in Britian’s anti-war and anti-capitalist movements. He played a central role in organising the 2 million-strong anti-war protest in London in February 2003 and last year’s European Social Forum. More recently he has been part of the successful election campaign of George Galloway for the Respect coalition on the platform of opposing the war on Iraq in the May general election which saw Tony Blair lose more than 100 seats. In this session Chris will be talking about how the UK Stop the War Coalition was built, how it has responded to the recent London train bombings, and the continuing struggle to force the withdrawal of foreign troops from Iraq.
Chris Nineham (Stop the War Coalition, Britain)
Sydney Stop the War Coalition


Culture of Change: Art and Activism
A discussion of art and activism which involved participants from the Disobedience exhibition at the Ivan Dougherty Gallery and the Whose Afraid of the Avant Guarde exhibition at the Perforance Space. Special guest speaker is Dmirty Vilensky artist from Russia and a participant in the Russian Social Forum.
Dmitry Vilensky,
Stephen Mori
Blair French,
Ilaria Vanni
David McNeill and Zanny Begg


Trade Union And Worker's Right in Bangladesh
The session will provide a background to unprivileged child labour & poor women worker's health care, legal supports & their rights in Bangladesh.
Mohammad Shakhawat Hossain
Independent Children and Woman Workers Forum


Sustainable water for Sydney's future
Discussion about meeting Sydney's future water needs in a sustainable way. Will explore issues surrounding desalination, water recycling and stormwater harvesting.
Ian Cohen, NSW Greens and others (tba)


Connecting Struggles
A chance for different groups involved in various political campaigns to give a short blurb about what they're doing, what's been successful and what could be done better. This will feed into a longer discussion about how groups that have different political focuses can support and in solidarity with each other.


The Perils of Free Trade
The Impact of NAFTA on Mexican workers

North American Free Trade Agreement promised a better income and living standards for the Mexican population, but after 11 years facts show that only a few people have benefited from this type of trade. Minimum wages and average wages have decreased and, even based on the World Bank data, poverty has increased. This is not surprising when looking at premises in which this “free trade” is developed on.
Mehdi Shirkosh
International Socialist Organisation


NVDA Training
Interested in Non-Violent Direct Action? Come and explore the possibilities. What we do will depend on who is there, so bring your particular issue, question or want.
Non-Violence Training Network
Tash and others will be facilitating


APEC and Regional Solidarity
Max Lane
Asia-Pacific International Solidarity Conference


SATURDAY 27 August
2:30 - 3:45



Four years since Tampa:
Directions for the Refugee Movement

Since 2001 we have seen not only the increasing use of race and nationalism in mainstream politics, but the emergence of mass movements for refugee rights and against war. The mistreatment of Cornelia Rau broke the major party consensus surrounding mandatory detention, delivering a significant victory for asylum seekers and campaigners. But now, in the wake of the London atrocities, the government is trying to turn anxiety about terrorism into support for the scapegoating of Muslim communities and the destruction of civil liberties.
This forum will survey the political landscape today, looking at how progressive forces and the refugee rights movement can rise to the challenge. The future is ours to seize...
Ghassan Hage, Dept of Anthropology, University of Sydney
Sally McManus, Secretary, Australian Services Union
Mark Goudkamp, NSW Refugee Action Coalition


Freedom Ride 2005:
Aboriginal rights in NSW - How far have we come?

February 2005 was the 40th anniversary of the 1965 'Freedom Ride' when a busload of Sydney uni students led by Dr Kumantjayi (Charlie) Perkins went on a journey through NSW to expose the discrimination and racism against Aboriginal people. The 1965 Freedom Ride was a turning point in the Australian Aboriginal rights movement. To mark the anniversary a group of Indigenous and non-Indigenous young people re-enacted the Freedom Ride, visiting over 13 communities in regional NSW and interviewing Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal locals about what had (and hadn’t) changed in the last 49 years and the state of race relations in their towns.
The findings of the ride will be presented and discussed in the workshop, including footage of interviews taken on the ride. Also included will be information about NSW based Aboriginal rights and anti-racism campaigns.
Members of the ReconciliACTION Network
Who organised Freedom Ride 2005
ReconciliACTION and the NSW Reconciliation Council


Australia / Iraq Trade Union Solidarity:
Workers and unions in Iraq

This session will consist of a panel of Iraqi and Aust TU speakers.
A chance to hear of current situiation of workers and their organisations in Iraq and discuss ways Australian unions and activits can support democratic workplace organising in Iraq.
APHEDA - Union Aid Abroad


Halliburton, War Profiteering and People Power
This session will discuss war profiteering as a pillar of Bush's war in Iraq, our campaign in Houston, Texas against Halliburton. We will look at our "people powered" strategy to get them out of iraq.
Scott Parkin
Houston Global Awareness

The Myths of Zionism
This session will be based on the widely acclaimed book of the same name by British Author John Rose arguing that Zionism, the racist ideology of Israel, is held together by a series of Myths.
Mike Waterman
International Socialist Organisation

The Right to Protest Under Pressure
A presentation on the right to protest, the role of the Legal Observers Project in Sydney and how we can help at the Forbes protest.
Dale Mills and others
Legal Observers Project


Forbes History and Info-Sharing
A bit of a history of the Forbes Global CEO Conference, along with other practical info-sharing as we prepare for the protests. This will include legal info and is open for anyone else with important knowledge to share to pass it on.
Chris M and Brig



SATURDAY 27 August
4:00 - 5:30



Nanotechnology - How corporations are remaking the world
Nanotechnology is being touted as the next industrial revolution that will transform our lives and our communities. But in whose interests? Many of the fortune 500 companies are investing heavily in nanotechnology – especially for military and surveillance applications - as they attempt to remake the world from the atom up. From nano-sensors to nanoparticles - nanotechnology is coming to a workplace or a product near you, with a range of health and environmental hazards (as if asbestos wasn't bad enough) as well as social and political implications. It's not just about 'what if nanotech goes wrong?' - even more concerning is 'what if it goes right!' This workshop will explore the basics of this emerging issue - what nanotechnology is, who is doing it, what the risks are, and what we can do about it.
Friends of the Earth Nanotechnology Project
James Goodman and John Hepburn


Redfern under threat?
Defending community from development

The NSW Parliament recently passed legislation to establish a new Authority to oversee the redevelopment of Redfern (the Redfern Waterloo Authority). The new Minister, Frank Sator, has previously indicated that he does not want a concentration of Aboriginal housing on the Block and is considering knocking down public housing in Waterloo. The area also has one of the highest concentrations of state owned land, which the new Authority plans to redevelop. REDWatch is a residents action group set up to defend the diversity of our community and to monitor the activities of the RWA. The session will discuss what is happening and how we can get active.
Geoff Turnbull and Ben Spies-Butcher


The Other Occupation: Why Palestine is Still the Issue
An examination of Palestine's place in the global justice struggle, with particular reference to the Gaza pullout, the Apartheid Wall and role of the "Peace Process" in perpetuating the Occupation.
Michael Shaik
Australians for Justice and Peace in Palestine

The Re-branding of Sexism and
Womens Liberation in the 21st Century

Globalisation and neo-liberalism are driving increasing numbers of women into poverty worldwide. The majority of the world's poor are women. Women are also faced with an enormous ideological offensive from our rulers, aimed at reinforcing womens' roles as primary carers in the family. At the same time sexism is used to sell almost anything. But the ravages of global capitalism are also pushing greater and greater numbers of women into action against the system, around issues such as the degradation of the environment, exploitation, human rights violations and war. This session looks at how women are fighting back and the way forward from here.
Judy McVey
International Socialist Organisation


This is What Art and Politics Looks Like:
Beyond the Factory Walls and into Gang Festival 2006

Too much talk about the mutual exclusivity of art and politics gets in the way of making changes in the real world. Find out what "Beyond the Factory Walls" and "Gang Festival 2006" are doing to bring our world (s) together in a loving creative embrace.
Rebecca Conroy and Ali Crosby


Another world is practical - just give us 20 years!
The conservative agenda has been packaged and marketed so strategically that even some of its victims support it. What are the secrets of their success, and what will it take to reclaim Australia for progressive ideas and values? What action can be taken now to make our position stronger in 20 years time?
Hosted by 2024, a new network dedicated to long term planning for social change.
James Arvanitakis and Miriam Lyons
Network 2024


Venezuela: Eyewitness to Revolution
In July and August this year, the first ever Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Brigade travelled to Venezuela, visiting social missions and worker-run factories, as well as attending the 16th World Festival of Youth and Students, where 23,000 young people met to start creating a better world based on social need and justice, rather than corporate greed and illegal war. Chavez and the "Bolivarian revolution" have placed Venezuela at the forefront of the struggle to build a better society. Come and find out more about the revolution unfolding in Latin America from two of the Brigade participants.
Duroyan Fertl and Zoe Kenny
Australia Venezuela Solidarity Brigade and Resistance


Revisiting Our S11: Looking back & learning from
the WEF protest in Melbourne 2000

What bearing does the incredible moment of S11 have on movements for global justice in Australia today? How did the people involved organise? What lessons can be drawn from that experience to inform us as we fight for the other world we know is possible? Come and share your analysis or experiences of S11, ask people about their experience of organising or being involved in what is one of the last decades most inspiring actions.
Karen Iles, Jo Ball, Tash Verco



SATURDAY 27 August
6:00PM - 10:00PM

107 Crystal Street, Petersham

After getting serious
you're going to need to get down!

Funk DJs and live music from Scouts Honour, performers from Token Word and
the Creative Dissent crew.

Delicious food available with proceeds
to 30A and the SSF.

Free for SSF registrants, by donation for others.




SUNDAY 28 August
10:30 - 11:45



Building Unions in Times of Adversity
A workshop with a practical focus on recruiting and organising union members when union officials face heavy legal restrictions on what they can do. The focus will how to organise unions where they face active hostility from the employers, where union representation and activity is very low, where legal or other constraints keep them out of workplaces or where workers are fearful and unsure of their rights.
Kevin Bracken, Secretary Maritime Union of Australia (Vic)
Angela Budai, organiser Financial Services Union (NSW)
Sally McManus, Secretary Australian Services Union (NSW)

Judy McVey, delegate, CPSU


Climate Change – How to save the planet
Global warming has arrived in Australia with significant changes in rainfall, higher summer temperatures and increased frequency of extreme weather events in evidence. Our speakers will present a factual account of the climate change happening and report on strategies and campaigns to combat it. This is something which affects everybody, even CEOs and prime ministers.
Cate Faehrmann, Dir. Nature Conservation Council NSW
Julie-Anne Richards, Climate Action Network Australia
Stacey Nelson, Greenpeace

Che Guevara: From rebel to icon
Not just around Cuba, he's everywhere: you can find the image of Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara on products like T-shirts, mugs, cigarettes and more. He's clearly a bankable commercial image. On the other hand, the image of Che for the Cuban government is important because people associate it with the idea of sacrificing yourself for the revolution, Che being its living embodiment. But this is 40 years after the revolution. This session will look at the life of Guevara as a historical lesson for us that starts with the presumption that revolution can be made, should be made, and the world needs to be changed. The question is "How?".
Mick Myles
International Socialist Organisation

Have Australians Embraced Economic Reform?
Educational: lecture presenting results from a study of Australian social attitudes towards economic reform, including privatisation, industrial relations and the redistribution of wealth.
Nick Turnbull
University of New South Wales


Indymedia, media activism and social movements
Indymedia has become a vital part of the communications system of the global justice movement but is it living up to this challenge and what might make it better? What is the relationship between media activism, indymedia and social movements and what does the future hold? Come along and discuss.


Corruption, Wealth and the
Human Right to Material Equivalence

A vision and goal for 21st century: an equivalent standard of living for all humans; is it possible? how may it evolve? what would be early steps in that direction? can you (progressive people)embrace it? can it catch on? can it inspire a global movement?
Ian & Ross Macindoe


A Joint Struggle for Justice: Muslims and the Left
This session will discuss the importance of collaboration between the muslim community and the progressive Left on issues such as Iraq, Palestine and civil liberties.
Jarvis Ryan, Editor of Socialist Worker newspaper
Paul White, Muslims for Peace


Can’t find a buck for your organisation?
This workshop will look at the new era of fundraising in the social justice movement, the attacks on the funding and legitimacy of NGOs and the ethics and impacts of stroking the corporate ego to support your group.
Kate Walsh + Sally Castle

Against border protection: for the free movement of people
While Liberal dissidents and the ALP have made criticisms of the Howard government's detention regime, they preface their comments with support for strong border protection policies. This workshop will raise the ideas behind and the desirability of a world without borders. What would it take to achieve such a world?
John Casey & Mark Goudkamp
Refugee Action Coalition


Our Possible World: What does it Look and Feel Like?
Richard and Maria Maguire, faciltators and activists for social change locally and globally, will guide a group process for collecting and integrating the wisdom of all participants to form an initial emerging picture of a possible world--including it's economic, political and cultural dimensions.
Richard and Maria Maguire
Unfolding Futures


SUNDAY 28 August
12:00 - 1:15



Campaigning with a Coalition controlled Senate
Now that the Coalition has the majority in the Senate, people working for progressive change are discussing what campaign tactics are most effective in this new climate. This workshop will hear about three current campaigns - refugees, industrial relations and student unionism - and how these campaigns have approached the Government majority in the Senate. There will be lots of time for sharing ideas and discussing strategies and how we campaign in the new Australian political landscape.
Greens Senator Kerry Nettle
Craig Bulley, Workers Radio & VSU documentary maker
Sally McManus, NSW Secretary Australian Services Union


The Camp Casey Phenomenon
The anti-war movement in the United States has been re-energised by a spontaneous protest outside George Bush's Ranch lead by Cindy Sheehan, a grieving mother. Donna Mulhearn was there - see her pictures and here why she believes Camp Casey is the beginning of the end of the war in Iraq.
Donna Mulhearn
Australians for Justice and Peace in Palestine

Democracy for sale:
Politics, corruption and political donations

This session will inform participants about the corrupting influence of political donations with specific reference to political donation options.
Lee Rhiannon MLC
The Greens NSW


Who's Trade Organisation?
The state of play and future directions for the campaign

The next World Trade Organisation (WTO) Ministerial Meeting will be held in Hong Kong in December. In the tradition of Seattle and Cancun, social movements are joining together around the world to oppose negotiations that prioritise corporate interests over people and the environment. This workshop will look at the state of play in the current WTO negotiations and open discussion on ‘where to’ for WTO activism in Australia. How do we sustain activity around these trade rounds? What have been the successes and difficulties of WTO activism in Australia? What are our long-term priorities?
Jemma Bailey, Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network (AFTINET) and Matthew Skellern, AID/WATCH


Hot Politics:
Australia's uranium and nuclear weapons, waste & power

The mainstream media are calling for a debate, speculative exploration companies are mushrooming and the pressure for Australia to mine and export more uranium is intense. Australian uranium has the potential to fuel nuclear weapons and is certain to become nuclear waste. With nuclear reactors in our largest city and imposed nuclear dumps and uranium mines in the bush our national approach to this controversial and contaminating industry is in meltdown. But as Dave Sweeney and Eve Vincent detail - there is strong community and indigenous resistance and far cleaner and safer alternatives.
Dave Sweeney, ACF nuclear campaigner
Eve Vincent, Independent. media maker & Irati Wanti campaigner


Permaculture, Peak Oil, and Urban Sustainability
Broadly, permaculture can be defined as a system of applied design for the creation of a sustainable human habitat. With debates raging about the global peak in oil resources, terminal environmental degradation, and our consumptive habits, permaculture represents a positive answer that anybody can practice. This workshop will introduce the main principles of permaculture while also providing concrete examples of permaculture practised at the Ecoliving Centre at UNSW. Come along to this open discussion and find out how permaculture is much more than gardening, and take some practical steps for the creation of a sustainable future!
Cameron Little (Director), Michyla, and Kris
EcoLiving Centre UNSW

Democracy without politicians:
Towards participatory and deliberative democracy

The fundamental political issue is not what the law/policy is, or should be, on any particular issue, but how that law/policy is made and changed; unless that question is adequately addressed, discussion of specific issues is at risk of being merely a futile distraction. This workshop progresses towards discussion of a participatory and deliberative democracy model (as a political system, amongst other contexts), by discussing: individuals and groups; individual motivation; the origins of ideas; "capitalism", consumption, and the high price of materialism; (professional) politicians v (amateur) citizens; a new legislature/executive relationship; principles of participatory and deliberative democracy; transitional models; and associated policies (hours of work, and employment selection (and termination) processes.
Jon Shapiro
Sydney-based trade union industrial officer,
long-time union activist, and ALP member for 21 years


Pipelines and poverty alleviation - all in the name of aid
What is being pushed in the name of ‘poverty alleviation’ by taxpayer funded aid institutions such as AusAID, the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank? AID/WATCH exposes the role of aid in the global economy and impacts on the environment.
Kate Walsh + Tim O'Connor


Young workers fightback
The new industrial relations reforms proposed by the Howard goverment are going to disproportately affect young workers. Young workers are already amongst the most exploited in our society. Australia is one of the only countries in the world to pay lower wages on the basis of age. Resistance has launch a campaign against the exploitation of young workers. Join the fightback against Howard no youth wages, no individual contracts.
Simon Cunich


Aceh, Islam & Indonesia Today
Recent attacks on secularism & pluralism in Indonesia present the social movement and the left with new challenges.
Wiwid Asahi

SUNDAY 28 August
2:45 - 4:00



Directions for the Social Forum movement
There is much debate within the global Social Forum movement about the role of Social Forums. Should they simply reflect the diversity of the many struggles going on, or should they be spaces to strategise and argue a way forward for the alternative-globalisation movement as a whole? Visiting UK activist Chris Nineham, who played a leading role in organising and mobilising for the European Social Forum in 2002 (Florence) and 2004 (London), will lead off the discussion.
Chris Nineham (Stop the War Coalition, Britain)
Sydney Stop the War Coalition


Internationalising the Intifada:
Practical Solidarity with the Palestinians

Palestine represents a key front in the global struggle between justice and racism. This session will discuss practical ways in which Australians can build a broad popular movement to support the Palestinians in their struggle.
Donna Mulhearn
Australians for Justice and Peace in Palestine

Sowing the Seeds of Hope: Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA's Development Experience in East Timor
Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA has been working in East Timor since 1998 in a range of community development and emergency support projects. This workshop will, outline Union Aid Abroad- APHEDA’s development program in East Timor, examine the pre and post independence situation, illustrate through case studies, how Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA is addressing development issues and discuss issues relating to East Timor's just share of the oil and gas resources in the Timor Sea- are they getting a good deal or are we ripping them off?
Peter Jennings, Executive Officer
Dr Sharan KC East Timor Project Officer
Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA

A Scary Round-up of ASIO and Anti-Terrorism Laws
A presentation on the ASIO and so-called anti-terrorism laws introducted since 9/11, with dicussion on the new laws that will be introduced.
Dale Mills and others
Civil Rights Network (NSW)


Building an Alliance to Target Corporate Accountability
It's obvious that corporate power is excessive, and the resulting human rights, labour rights and environmental impacts are well documented. But are Australian social justice groups well enough networked to counter this power? Join this very first session to begin to build a diverse and powerful corporate accountability- to span the sectors of environment, human rights, faith, labour, social services and others. This will be an interactive workshop, seeking your opinions and experiences, as well as providing more information on the latest happenings with the parliamentary inquiry into coporate accountability.
Techa Beaumont, Geoff Evans, James Goodman and others
Mineral Policy Institute


National industrial action: making it happen

The campaign against Howard's Industrial Relations attacks has mobilised tens of 1000s across the country. Pressure is now mounting from a number of unions for national strike action to occur in late October.
Union Activist Network
reps from NSWTF, NUW & AMWU & Michael Thomson (NTEU NSW Assistant Secretary)

An Iraqi Freedom Congress
The session is about our elternative for the paople of Iraq along with slogan (end the accupation and for secular government in Iraq).
To build a strong front from the progressive, secular and left people and organisation in Iraq against the accupation and political Islam, we established the Iraqi Freedom Congress as an organisation open the door to all the paeple to fight for the best future in Iraq.
Jalal Mohammed
Worker Communist Party of Iraq

Cheerleading as Protest
We're sexy, we're cute, we're radical to boot. Come along and
learn some cheers. Everyone is welcome to join us, get some exercise, change the world and use pom-poms, what more could you want?
Meg Ivory
Sydney Radical Cheerleaders


SUNDAY 28 August
4:15PM - 5:00PM



A wrap up of the weekend's activities and discussion of directions for the coming year and beyond.


MONDAY 29 August
6:00PM - 9:00PM

10 Macquarie Street, City



Drawing on all the news from campaigns and discussion and strategies from the workshops of the first two days of the Sydney Social Forum, our speakers will reflect on the lessons and offer a picture of a future vastly different from that set out by the corporate chiefs meeting at the Opera House on Tuesday. They come from many and varied fields of action - the international and local anti-war movements, the union movement, the environmental campaigns, the indigenous rights movements. They will talk of a future without war, where the rights of all are respected and where production is based on human need, human dignity, co-operation and sustainability.

Sharan Burrow
President ACTU

Andrew Ferguson
Secretary CFMEU (NSW Construction)

Chris Nineham
Stop The War Coalition (UK)

Cate Faehrmann
Director, Nature Conservation
Council of NSW

Anna Samson
Stop the War Coalition (Sydney)

Chaired by:
Stuart Rees
Sydney Peace Prize

Tea, coffee and finger food at 6:00pm.
Speakers commence at 6:30pm.
Limited places available so arrive early!

Waged: $15
Concession / SSF weekend registrants: $5








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