Begun in 2002, the Sydney Social Forum (SSF) is an annual event whose aim is to help Sydney’s progressive community coordinate campaigns, share and refine strategies, and inform us about many different issues - from local campaigns to international movements.

The SSF is one of many regional and city-based social forums held around the world, involving hundreds of thousands of people who believe that another world, a better world, is possible. In 2005, the Sydney Social Forum presents an alternative vision to the neo-liberal nightmare represented by the Forbes Global CEO Conference at the Sydney Opera House from 30 August. The SSF is being held from Saturday 27 to Monday 29 August.

The SSF aims to promote discussion of analyses of the state of the world, visions of an alternative world and strategies to get from one to the other. It also aims to facilitate discussion of the nature and significance of the international Social Forum movement, from the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre to the emerging regional and city-based Social Forums.

The Sydney Social Forum can only be a real success with the participation of a broad range of groups and individuals.

If you, your trade union, collective, community group or organisation would like to be part of the 2005 SSF, get in touch, get registered and get involved.