These organisations have been a part of the Sydney Social Forum process over the years, either as participants in SSF or as contributors to organising.

Action for World Development


Action in Solidarity with Asia and the Pacific

Amnesty International Australia

Animal Liberation

APHEDA / Union Aid Abroad

Association for India's Development

ATTAC Australia

Australian Association for Humane Research

Australia Association of Yoga in Daily Life

Australian Catholic Movement for Intellectual & Cultural Affairs

Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network

Brisbane Social Forum

Community Activist Technology

Committees in Solidarity with Latin America and the Carribbean

Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union

Culture Lab International

Democratic Socialist Perspective

Edmund Rice Centre

Environmental Defender's Office (NSW)

Friends of the Earth


Greens NSW

International Socialist Organisation

Jubilee Australia

Labor 4 Refugees

Mineral Policy Institute

New Internationalist magazine

Now We The People

People for Nuclear Disarmament (NSW)

Proutist Universal


Refugee Action Coalition

Research Initiative on International Activism

Seed Savers' Network

Socialist Alliance

Socialist Alternative

Stop the War Coalition

Student Environment Activist Network


The Commons Institute

The Wilderness Society

2SER Community Radio

UTS Students Association

World League for Protection of Animals